Dear Future Grandchildren,


If ever the day comes that I pass onto a new and eternally better life without having met you, I want you to know the utter wildness you spawned from. Hopefully one of you grandkids is devastatingly sarcastic and unapologetically honest. If not, then I lament to conclude that some boring “politically correct” human being contaminated the gene pool. Sorry.

Not only do I want you to know me, (and in turn, better know yourself since our identities are linked to where we came from- like it or not) but I want to share with you some truths I’ve discovered over the years. The age in which you live may differ from mine, but as Solomon writes in Ecclesiastes 1:9 :

     “What has been will be again,
                         what has been done will be done again;
                         there is nothing new under the sun.”

Though our surroundings change over time, human nature has remained the same over the centuries. We repeat the same mistakes and follow the same patterns of dysfunction with each passing generation. My goal with these letters is to tell you some stories and cover several life-points, purposed to prevent you making certain mistakes along your course.

Don’t misunderstand me. If you have enough knowledge and a clever enough spirit, you can work or talk your way out of formidable situations. People do it all the time. I see it every day. But, with wisdom, you don’t need to exert so much time with and spirit into “damage control” since you wouldn’t be engulfed in the fuckery to begin with.

 Disclaimer: I curse sometimes. Mostly because I think it’s funny. But also because I’m only 5 feet tall and it caters to my Napoleon Complex. Makes me feel powerful.

I feel the supremacy running through my veins. Quite the rush, let me tell you.

But I digress…

I not only wish to share this with you, little Grandspawns, but with Readers who can identify and possibly benefit from my letters (even if it’s just an affable laugh at my ridiculous whims.) In my upcoming letter, Introducing Me, I’ll be introducing myself more profoundly. Stay tuned for those intimate details!




2 thoughts on “Dear Future Grandchildren,

  1. Love you forever ❤️ You’ll have the luckiest grandspawns one day, not because of you. But because they’ll have the best tia ever.

    Best friend.


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