Protect Your Roses

Dear Future Grandchildren,

Hold on a sec. I have a message for my handsome Readers.

Hey handsome Readers! So some new updates: I got TONS OF POSITIVE FEEDBACK from my last blog post, “Sometimes The Devil Wears Too Much Pink & Smiles A Lot” that I deleted it and am turning it into a book! It’s a labor of love but I’m relishing in it. Also, I listened to some of you who said my posts were a bit lengthy, so I shortened some of my previous posts and will be making my #DearFutureGrandchildren letters more compact. I am considering starting a YouTube channel for more time-worthy topics, so let me know what you think in the comments below, message me via email, or DM through social media if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

That’s the end of the ramblings.

Now, let’s discuss, Grandspawns and Readers, the power of protection:

I’ve always loved roses.  When I was a little girl, I often took the wilted roses people threw away out of the garbage and placed them under my bed until they dried and became fully taut. There was something about the crunchy texture of the petals and crisp sound when my fingers brushed the leaves that left me in a wraithlike entrancement. To this day, I am fascinated by the beauty of dead roses; not just wilted ones, but russet, brittle, fully dead roses. I remain in awe at how something dead, lifeless can still be so worthy of salvation and protection.

We all have roses. They come in the form of people, of ideas, and of heirlooms, memories, tales, and traditions. I am admittedly unconventional- the type to wear a slinky silver wedding dress just to spite the conservative orthodox- so I should not be preaching about tradition in its most general sense but I am aware of the few customs and values I hold dear and defend.

I always defended my ideas and ethics since society and media enforces strength in one’s convictions (and I’m naturally a bit stubborn myself), but I did not treat the other roses I held-various relationships- as I should have.

The movies show tossing hair and play wrestling matches. They show you an instant electrifying connection between 2 souls. Satin sheets and Parisian balconies are a good view and for a while, the only view I knew. I never knew the battle ground.  And because I didn’t know the battle ground, I didn’t know a weed from a rose.

What I want you to understand, Readers and Grandchildren, is: to have the ability to differentiate a weed from a rose, you must first understand the process of and importance of protecting a rose. Let me explain a little further.

Relationships (some, not all) can result in covenant soul connections. Covenant soul connections are roses and these roses are to be nurtured; not with water but with the blood of sacrifice, compromise, and commitment. It isn’t about you anymore, it’s about the other person- they are the rose. And that other person needs to reciprocate those actions to you. They need to protect you, you are their rose. Healthy relationships can spark by the electricity of attraction but they are kept alive by a daily dying to oneself. They are not perfect, but they are intentional.

When we don’t see a realistic picture of what protection is, we misinterpret other relationships as covenant relationships and treat weeds as if they were a rose… or fall into relationships where the other person tells us we are a rose-all the roller coaster sweet talk- but treats us like a weed because deep down, they are not willing to make the sacrifice to protect the bond.

Think about the cost. Decide what the person is worth and figure your worth to them before you walk on the battle field. Be purposeful. Take time to sit back and watch the dynamic between you both.

I did not know how important it was to be intentional with picking my relationships because I did not know what it took to truly sustain one. Once I learned the latter, I realized 2 things:

  1. I had been in a war, running to the aid of those who did not care for me; some even used me to fulfill their own agendas against people they themselves were warring with
  1. Some roses I once held blew away due to my negligence


You only get a handful of roses in this life. Know which ones to care for and know how to care for them. Some will come to you fresh and in bloom only to wilt in your palm after some time. It is your duty to preserve them, to care for them, and protect them at all costs. Place them above yourself. Once you realize what protecting a rose really summons of you, you will pick your roses carefully.


Love always,

Don’t be an idiot,



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