6 Things My Friends Taught Me

#DearFutureGrandchildren, Like many, I have several acquaintances and few close friends. In fact, I can count my best friends on one hand. I’m not the type to post my every close friendship on social media or advertise each time I go out and where I go but that doesn’t mean I don’t value the spontaneous […]

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Protect Your Roses

Dear Future Grandchildren, Hold on a sec. I have a message for my handsome Readers. Hey handsome Readers! So some new updates: I got TONS OF POSITIVE FEEDBACK from my last blog post, “Sometimes The Devil Wears Too Much Pink & Smiles A Lot” that I deleted it and am turning it into a book! […]

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11 Men You May Date in Miami

#DearFutureGrandchildren, As you may have gathered from the title of this letter, it’s rough out here in these streets. I don’t know who I ended up procreating with but here are 11 types I could have chosen from. With no further delay, I hereby present to you, 11 Men You May Date in Miami:  1. […]

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Introducing Me

#DearFutureGrandchildren, In my last letter, I promised a brief “Introducing Me” post. You’ll learn my voice and values over time, but I just want to share 11 fun facts about myself. Even though this feels like that painfully awkward tell-the-class-about-yourself “icebreaker” activity I pray to God instructors in your era still don’t force upon you, […]

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Dear Future Grandchildren,

#DearFutureGrandchildren,  If ever the day comes that I pass onto a new and eternally better life without having met you, I want you to know the utter wildness you spawned from. Hopefully one of you grandkids is devastatingly sarcastic and unapologetically honest. If not, then I lament to conclude that some boring “politically correct” human being […]

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